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Bad And Breakfast Pompeii

This topic is very dear to us, it is fundamental, in fact we give to it great importance. Importance and derived from our ancient tradition, precisely to accommodate the tourist as a family and have it heard by the first meeting as a long-time friend.

Our customers in addition to being greeted with familiarity, you feel immediately at ease when they enter into our rooms full of comfort and tastefully decorated.

Obviously all in a rural context where the lemon trees surround the entire house, creating a scent that brings in the serenity of this now lost today's hectic life. Maybe we will stop a little 'time! Another aspect always dear to us, breakfast is made of genuine things strictly in-house: cakes, pies, juices, jams, etc. .. etc..

But do not ever miss our meats and our wines, made the old way and with the traditional methods of time and personally cared for by us and our grandparents who carry out some of our own farms.

Who stays with us, return to his home with a memory that will attempt to return, in this place where serenity and description are not an exception but regularly.

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