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Volcano Vesuvio

Currently, the volcano Vesuvius is sleeping, and it is hoped that it is always the case, but in reality is one of active volcanoes and explosives.

And 'situated in Campania is 1281 meters high and is part of the mountainous sum. Although his figure is of concern, as history tells us about the various eruptions and Pompeii is testimony of one of the most tragic events.

But at the same time gives to the landscape beauty of the gulf this unique. Born in 1841 that more than volcanological observatory to study the volcano, check its possible changes, although not since 1944 has given more eruptive signs, that is well controlled.

Vesuvius has become a national park and includes 18 municipalities: Pompeii, Pollena Trocchia, Herculaneum, St. Joseph, Trecase, Massa di Somma, Cercola, Portici, San Giorgio a Cremano, Terzigno, Sant'Anastasia, Ottaviano, Herculaneum, Torre Annunziata, Torre of Greek, Somma Vesuviana, Boscoreale, Cercola that are constantly monitored by the national department of civil protection assistance in the scientific community and local authorities.

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