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Specialty culinary Pompeii

We have no doubt about a place if not unique, among the first. Everything is magnified by the traditions of our fathers and their grandparents and so on. The variety of our dishes is the envy Judah famous "Michelin" beginning with the simple and colorful tasty spaghetti with tomato and basil, which for the simplicity of the ingredients may seem easy to access, but in reality is pure art.

Then with seafood, which is strong for us who live at the foot of Vesuvius and the look at the sea that we live almost on our side, we are able to invent countless fantasies, such as linguine with rock, paper, or even to the famous sea and mountains, which combines the tender taste of the sea as strong as the shells and vegetables of our lands.

The flavors of Vesuvius are known and in demand all over the world, in fact there is no better as this land, rich in minerals that provide natural fertilizer for the typical products of this land. Cite everything from food to products is no small thing. But remember some gems locally as the Red Lacryma Christ doc. A real jewel in the Vesuvius food and many other wines that are suitable for every palate, and particularly to rustic dishes that are created by Vesuvius.

The famous zucchini to scapece, full of mint and vinegar at first bite stuzzica an appetite for those that diet is not recommended. The stuffed peppers, roasted eggplant, grilled artichokes which is a typical tradition of Easter. Then the sausage is a philosophy aside, no offense to the "San Daniele" Ham with our tip of the knife are a delicacy only along the famous soppressata Vesuvius. But to find out more, you expect from us, happy to share the true flavors ... never forgotten.

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